La Force de l’Hêtre supports you
to unleash your full potential

❝ There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality. Anthony Robbins

Individual Coaching

You are going through a key stage in your professional or personal career, you want to grow ?

Team Coaching

You want to develop a team, make it grow, increase its performance and its autonomy ?

Who I Am ?

Katia Darthenucq


I am a professional certified coach with more than 25 years of experience in team management in large international service and industrial groups.- Member of Steering Committee for fifteen years

– Management positions in Sales, Technical, Customer Service and Supply Chain
– Projects carried out in change management, lean management and organisation
– Set up of agile structures

In addition to my training and my experience as an independent coach, I have worked as a mentor, collective intelligence facilitator and internal coach with teams, project groups, managers and executives. I am a member of the EMCC Association of Professional Coaches, respect the code of ethics defined by the EMCC, and I am supervised in my activity.

– RNCP certified professional coach – Institut Repère, Paris
– NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner – Institut Repère, Paris
– Narrative Approach – Dina Scherrer, Paris
– Collective intelligence, co-development workshop – Joseph & Co, Paris
– Metaplan/collaborative approach, Paris
– Mentoring – Diversity Conseil, Paris
– Master 2 Management of Franco-German Organizations – IAE, Metz
– Business School (DESCAF) – ESC Poitiers/Tours

-Executive Coach, La force de l’Hêtre
-Supply Chain Director Europe & Internal Coach, Mobility Solution-Bosch – Member of the Steering Committee
-Supply Chain Director France-Benelux, Mobility Solution-Bosch
Member of the Steering Committee
-Technical Director, Power Tools-Bosch
Member of the Steering Committe
-Customer Service Director, Power Tools-Bosch
-Sales Director France, Mulliez Group
-Recruitment & Training Manager, OFUP

They trust me

As a coach, my added value lies in the culture of rigour and method at the service of your objective, and in a benevolent, intuitive, and creative approach.

Who I Am ?

Open minded
& Efficieny


I have always been driven by human relations, and my deep conviction is that we all have abilities and potential that only need to be expressed or strengthened in order to achieve our goals, realise our projects and thus align our desires and our lives.

Together we will build a path to achieve your goals with a methodology and tools, based on the values that drive me.

– A benevolent, open-minded approach and a desire for the best for the other person
Listening with respect, and with the assurance of total confidentiality
– A commitment : to help people grow and progress through an authentic, creative, and professional approach
Enthusiasm, each meeting is a discovery welcomed in a dynamic and positive energy

At your side, I remain focused on the objective while being flexible on the path to reach it with efficiency.

Individual Coaching

To meet ourselves to reach our goal


Entering a coaching process means deciding to take charge of your development by meeting yourself.
Coaching is a journey during which you will dive into the reality of your resources, skills and beliefs, identify your obstacles and remove them through accompanied work.
Coaching is a personal process that invites you to test new approaches to develop your self-knowledge, your know-how, and to gain serenity and efficiency.
To be coached is to choose to unleash all your potential in order to bring an answer to your objective.

To reach
your goal

❝  A person can’t teach another person directly; a person can only facilitate another’s learning. ❞  Carl Rogers

Individual Coaching

My Approach

My objective is to work alongside you/ to accompany you to enable you to :

– Clarify and define your target and establish result indicators
– Identify your values, your resources, your skills but also your obstacles
– Explore the events that have shaped your experience
– Take another look and step back to build different options/strategies and find solutions
– Make the link, if necessary, between emotion, reflection, and action
– Acquire new skills and know-how and pursue your development and improve your performance in total autonomy

The first session is free. It allows us to explore your request, to validate your need for coaching and to define result indicators. It will also ensure that you are confident in working together towards your goal.

- Knowledge of management in complex strategic contexts.
- Associated coaching methodologies: questioning, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), systemic, narrative approach and projective tools.

Sessions last 1h30 and can be held in my office, by videoconference or in Paris.
The number of sessions is defined beforehand according to your objective.

Each session aims to help you progress towards your goal and to help you be an actor of change.

– Personal or professional development (communication, public speaking, self-confidence, etc)
– Taking up a new position, new responsibilities, new challenges
– Career orientation
– Management, leadership development
– Role as coach manager
– Leadership for women
– Managing stress, emotions and energy

Team Coaching

Growing the team and releasing the collective intelligence


Entering into a team coaching process means :

Involving and helping your employees to grow individually and collectively by
by allowing them to be actors in their own development
– Creating a dynamic and strengthening interactions
– Unleashing collective intelligence to bring out new solutions and/or ways of working
– Strengthen the identity and coherence of the team by sharing values and a common vision

This coaching aims to make your team aware of its resources, to find a way of working that will enable them to solve problems in a sustainable way and to adjust if necessary, in order to achieve their objectives.

The strength
of diversity

❝ Coming together is a beginning; staying together is progress; working together is success.❞ Henry Ford

Team Coaching

My Approach

My objective: to help your teams strengthen their links, highlight their talents, gain perspective, free up collective intelligence and thus optimize the group’s performance and well-being.

A personalized specification is drawn up thanks to a preliminary exchange on :
– The collective assessment of your situation
– The challenges and context of the request
– The vision, mission and values
– The degree of maturity of the team

This first step allows us to define the methodology, the appropriate intervention techniques and the duration of the coaching.

In this coaching, I work alongside the team to
– Develop a better understanding of the team’s talents and potential
– Activate the collective intelligence
– Strengthen cohesion and autonomy
– Implement and ensure a dynamic of continuous improvement

- Over 25 years of experience in coaching teams and project groups in complex strategic contexts.
- Team coaching methodologies: questioning, systemic, narrative approach, collective dynamics and facilitation techniques to foster creativity and collective intelligence.

-Diagnosis phase: framing, announcement, diagnosis
-Kick off phase
-Remobilisation phase: development workshops and support
-Closing phase

Team or project group building: strengthening cohesion and links, integrating new collaborators
Team coaching: during transition or change
Team development: collective performance, conflict resolution, cooperation and co-responsibility, agility and autonomy
Specific intervention: unleashing collective intelligence on a specific issue


Katia Darthenucq

Do you have a problem, an objective, a project? Don’t hesitate to contact me so that we can discuss.

Individual coaching takes place in my offices, in Pari, in you company or by videoconference; for team coaching, i can intervene in Europe.

Adress 5 avenue Albert-Joly,
78600 Maisons-Laffitte (near RER A), France

Phone +33 676 928 226